Market analysis: Jean-Luc Colombo in China

Jean-Luc Colombo has become a notable wine personality due to his strong and outspoken opinions on the future of the French wine industry and such wine-making topics as extended maceration and organic viticulture. Since opening up his Cornas-based wine-consulting firm in 1984, Colombo has worked with over 100 estates in the Rhone Valley including such notable producers as Domaine de la Janasse, Chapoutier and Chateau Fortia.

China Market Analysis on the Man Jean-Luc Colombo

Jean-Luc Colombo is a man of energy, passion, and a great appetite for the luxuries in life. He has been dedicated to the “plaisirs de la table” (pleasures of the table) from early on in his life. He spent many hours as a small boy assisting his mother, a talented restaurateur in Marseille, in the kitchen. Subsequently, Jean-Luc’s decided to pursue the study of oenology  to create wines which would match his mother’s cuisine. Jean-Luc is well-known for his conviviality and generosity, indicated by China market analysis. His hospitality is legendary, he is always eager to entertain his Provencal friends and overseas visitors with an unforgettable meal.

Main Competitors of Jean-Luc Colombo: Pierre Andre, Marie Brizard, GAJA

Jean-Luc Colombo faces biggest challenge from other world-famous brands of wine and alcohol, especially from Pierre Andre, Marie Brizard and GAJA, who are also very popular wine companies. Jean-Luc Colombo seems better to stress its advantages and make its steady way up.

Pierre Andre makes some of the most exquisite wines in the world. In 1923 one man fell in love with a very special place: Chateau de Corton and the Corton Hill. The high standards and skills perfected there have since born fruit in many exceptional vineyards.  Today, Pierre Andre has become the very best wine producer from Burgundy and is famous for creating individualized wines for every occasion.

Marie Brizard, created in Bordeaux, a region renowned throughout the world for its tradition of quality wines, is one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of liqueurs and drinks based on plants, fruits and spices. Originally, the company made its name with the aniseed liqueur, but its real growth period was when it branched out into a wide range of cocktail-based liqueurs, spirits, syrups, and more recently, wines.

Gaja is an Italian wine producer from the district of Langhe, predominately producing a number of Barbaresco and Barolo wines. Later, it diversified to produce Brunello and “Super-Tuscan”. Gaja’s current owner and president is Angelo GAJA. Along with Chateau Lafite-Rothschild and Krug, Gaja’s Barbaresco wine is recognized for developing techniques that have revolutionized wine-making in Italy.

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