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China wine and spirits webinar

[Webinar] China’s wine & spirit industry barometer

At over 311 billion USD in size, China’s alcohol market is growing and at a new stage of evolution. Gen Z and women are growing demographics and are shifting the drinking culture from the dominant domestic Baijiu to wine and imported spirits. This report created in collaboration with Sopexa, an international F&B communications agency, goes in depth on spirits, which make up 47.8% of China’s alcohol revenue, and wine, which is 8.2% of the alcohol market revenue.

We presented our findings in a webinar on November 17th at 4PM Beijing/9AM Paris time. Presented by Min Chun, research director at daxue consulting, and Richard Krystkowiak, China managing director at Sopexa.

Download the China wine and spirits webinar deck:

Watch the China wine and spirits webinar recording here

Key stats on China’s wine and spirit market

  • France is the top alcohol exporter to China, making 31% of imported alcohol value in the first half of 2022
  • Brandy is the largest imported spirit in China, making 68% of the imported spirits market in 2021
  • 94% of Chinese survey respondents in 2020 reported drinking red wine in the last year
  • China’s domestic wine production is on the decrease, falling at a CAGR of -18* from 2016 to 2020
  • Tequila is experiencing the highest growth among liquor imports, with a 66% import volume increase from 2020 to 2021.
  • Besides Baijiu, Vodka is the most consumed liquor, with Absolut Vodka being the top brand, at 53% Vodka market share.

Listen to the webinar recording to learn

  • How foreign brands localize to the Chinese wine market while keeping a foreign identity
  • How the lockdowns have impacted China’s alcohol consumption and drinking habits
  • According to our social listening, at what occasions do Chinese consumers drink wine and spirits
  • What are the drivers for Chinese to consume wine and spirits
  • What countries are rising in favor as importers, and which are facing challenges
  • How wine and spirits brands should market their products in China