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China travel retail market report

Travel retail in China

Now is the prime time to start your travel retail market strategy, and this report shows why. The new duty-free policies boost domestic travel retail shopping in China, including a cancellation of the 8K RMB / person spending limit for each item. Sales of Duty-Free goods in Hainan increased 103% YoY in 2020. Lastly, Brick […]

Market report (2/2) : MOOC in China

Marketing environment analysis of MOOC in China Considering the market potentials for MOOC in China, it is suggested that managers look into the macro-environment forces which exert influence on the business. The rising public expectations of higher education institutions push universities to come out with a more effective teaching-mix to enhance the quality of education. […]

Market report: Tablets in China

Most people have now heard about tablets like Apple’s iPad and Android-based tablets like Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But there is a whole world of off-brand tablets out there that few Western consumers know about and it is bigger than what most people would think, according to DigiTimes (电子时报). The Taiwanese tech […]

Market report: Carslan in China

Carslan is a French cosmetics brand that enjoys a high reputation that embodies a sense of fashion, youth, and energy to its customers. Carslan introduced the brand from France into China in October, 2001. The company is split into six major sectors responsible for different duties: product development, quality control, logistics, color study, sales, and […]

Market report: E-Retail in China

In China, words like online purchasing, Internet, B2C, C2C and B2B are already prevalent in people’s daily lives. The increasing popularity of internet in mainland China, the maturation of goods delivery services and the rise in the varieties of goods all make online shopping a growing fashion trend in China. By the end of 2011, there were already […]