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The flower Market in China: How one brand captured the online market

Chinese flower market

The adornment of flowers is essential in Chinese festivals. During these festivals, copious amounts of flowers cover buildings and streets. Outside of these festivals, flowers are often given as gifts on special occasions. As symbols of love and happiness, flowers are welcomed by everyone. However, few people notice the Chinese flower market or flower suppliers […]

Market Research on Beauty and Personal Care in Mid China

Trends In year 2011, the beauty and personal care industry in mid China achieved robust growth. One of the reasons for such trend is the increased frequency that consumers make purchase due to advertisements on TV, newspapers and magazines. Another reason is the increase in the average people’s disposable income. Due to the pressure of […]

Simple analysis on Xiamen local retail industry

See our most recent update on the economy of Xiamen. As we all know, Xiamen is a place full of wonderful scenery and market opportunities. After the opening up of Chinese retail industry, Xiamen’s fast speed of development and good investment environment soon attracted sights from other side of the world. Many international retail industry […]