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Brands bring the meng economy online to capture Chinese consumers

Marketing campaigns with cute characters is not meant to only target children in East Asia. During the latest years, many brands have tapped into the “Meng economy” in China to capture Chinese consumers. No matter what age people are in, they can be attracted to cute things. By leveraging the “meng” (cute) culture, various brands […]

How the Chinese brand “Three squirrels” uses Meng Culture to become No. 1

Chinese brand “Three Squirrels”

China went “nuts” again over the Chinese nut brand “Three Squirrels”. During the passing double 11 shopping festival (双十一) in China, a shopping festival launched by Alibaba as a Chinese version of Black Friday, Three Squirrels, again, achieved huge success: It only took them 9 minutes and 26 seconds to reach a GMV (gross merchandise […]