Daxue Talks Transcript #113: The benefits of WeChat mini-programs for brands

benefits of WeChat mini-programs for brands

Watch & listen to this episode to explore the benefits of WeChat mini-programs for brands: ▶ Youtube ▶ Soundcloud ▶ ApplePodcast Hi, I’m Jason Shen. I’m the creative director of Mobile Now Group. We help brands with their digital strategies and lately, we have worked a lot with creating WeChat mini-programs for brands. Why should […]

Daxue Talks transcript #71: How are chatbots used in mini-programs in China?

chatbots in china

Find here Daxue Talks episode 71. In this episode, Aurelien Rigart, Vice President and partner at IT Consultis, discusses the usage of chatbots for mini-programs and the mistake that companies do when developing a website in China. How do you implement chatbots on your mini-program, website, or platforms like Taobao or JD? What software is […]

The Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem in China | Daxue Consulting

China's programmatic advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic advertising is buying digital advertising space automatically, with computers using data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them. The programmatic advertising economy has experienced five key development nodes which embraces room for future growth. Download our report on the programmatic advertising ecosystem in China […]

The ultimate guide to marketing on leading digital platforms in China | Daxue Consulting

The incredible popularity of instant messaging and online shopping in China, coupled with smartphone adoption, has greatly helped in making China become the largest social network and e-commerce market. As of 2018, it is estimated that the total social network users and digital buyers in China will reach 616.5 million and 800 million respectively. Under […]