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Research on the Economy of Nanjing

Nanjing is the most important all-around industrial producing base. The electronic and chemistry industry output has reached No. 2 of the domestic cities, and the vehicle production ranked to the third place, additionally, the technology and scale of machine produce industry has been kept ahead in the country, as well as family electric facilities industry […]

Market analysis: The 10 biggest companies in Nanjing

Suning Universal Group Suning Universal Group is a diversified large-scale comprehensive enterprise. Its business falls in the residential property, commercial real estate, tourism, real estate development and operation of high-grade hotels, business and service industries. Suning is at the forefront of the top five hundred Chinese enterprises, and is one of the twenty strong companies […]

The Economy of Nanjing Since 2000

Overview Nanjing, as the capital of Jiangsu Province, is one of the most important economic centers of China. As an important industrial base in East China, Nanjing has a strong industrial economic strength, accounting for about 1% of the country total in terms of gross industrial capability, and about 40% of the total economic volume […]