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Research on the Economy of Nanjing

Nanjing is the most important all-around industrial producing base. The electronic and chemistry industry output has reached No. 2 of the domestic cities, and the vehicle production ranked to the third place, additionally, the technology and scale of machine produce industry has been kept ahead in the country, as well as family electric facilities industry and structural materials industry.

In 2005, the regional gross product of the whole year has reached to 241.3 billion Yuan, with growth of 15.2%. The increase of the primary industry has achieved to 8.0 billion Yuan, with growth of 5%, and 121.5 billion Yuan with growth of 18.4% of the secondary industry, among it, industrial increase was 106.6 billion Yuan, with 19.5% up. The increase of tertiary industry has come to 111.8 billion Yuan, with growth of 13.1%, and 51.02 billion Yuan with 19.5% up of the financial income, among it, the regional general budget income was 21.11 billion Yuan, with 20.4% up. The whole social fixed asset investment has achieved to 140.0 billion Yuan, with growth around 16%. The social consumption retail amount has come to 100.5 billion Yuan, with growth of 16.3%, which has exceeded a hundred billion for the first time. The regional export has come to 8.5 billion dollars, with growth of 45%.

The economic structure regulation has moved to a new progress, particularly, the agricultural industrialization has been operated well. The 23 up-city lead enterprises of the whole city have carried out increase over 15% of sale income, and the profit growth was up to 25%. Industrial scale and quality has kept rising. Output occupancy of electronic information, petrochemistry industry, motorcar industry, steel industry and etc has exceeded 70%; high-tech industrial sale income has come to 125.5 billion Yuan, with the occupancy of 32%, and advance 2 percentages compared to lat year. Service industry has been speeded up. Output of software and system integration has come to 16.6 billion Yuan, with growth of 52%. Tourism total earning was 37.9 billion Yuan, with growth of 18.4%. The avail of consumption structure upgrade has been emerged. The consumption of housing and car, etc has been kept flourishing, and the all-year commercial housing sale proportion has increased around 30%; New cars with license plate have been up to 59.8 thousands, among the number, the private cars were 38.8 thousands.

Reform and stripped-down has been carried out deeper continuously. The state-owned enterprises reform which focused on property right system has obtained a marked achievement of the period. In the whole city, the reform of 320 industrial enterprises, 220 commercial trades, city constructing, and agricultural industry of state-owned enterprises, and 146 operation enterprises have been all-around accomplished. The development of non-state-owned economy has been speeded up. There are 20,785 household of new private enterprises in the whole year, among the number, the private secondary industry enterprises were 7,040, new individual were 30,000, and new registered capital were 26 billion Yuan; the occupancy of non-state-owned economy output has reached to 37%, advanced 1.4 percentages compared to last year. The quality and level of business-bring in has been improved continuously. All-year foreign investment fund utilization was 5.423 billion dollars, with growth of 20.1%; the actual foreign investment fund usage was 2.009 billion dollars, with growth of 22.7%.The operation of fixed asset investment has been developed healthily. The whole city fixed asset investment accumulative total has achieved to 140.272 billion Yuan, with growth of 16.7%. The citizen’s living quality has been ameliorated constantly and the residents’ income has been increased fast. The citizen’s governable income per household were 1,499.747 Yuan, while the farmer’s net income per household were 6,250 Yuan.