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Tesla in China: Dominating the EV market with 0 marketing budget

Tesla in China

Since its establishment in 2003, Tesla has aimed to create Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the wider market, focusing on practical value. This includes features like extended range, rechargeability, energy efficiency, reasonable pricing, and solid performance—all woven into modern design. Tesla strategically positions itself across market segments, addressing the premium luxury market with models like the […]

Hydrogen vehicles in China: Will it overtake EVs?

Hydrogen vehicles in China

As of March 2022, the Chinese government released the country’s first-ever long-term plan for hydrogen vehicles. By 2025, the government aims to have 50,000 hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on the road, more than 6 times the existing units of 8,000 in 2020. The gap in the market and the explicit support from the government for the […]

What China’s new carbon emission trading market means for businesses

China’s carbon emission trading

On July 16, the Vice-Minister for Ecology and Environment Zhao Yingmin officially ushered in the China’s long-planned carbon emission trading market, the world’s largest CO2 market. The carbon exchange system, which made its debut with 4.1 million tons of carbon dioxide quotas worth 210 million RMB traded in a single day, was actually launched in […]