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China Paradigm 115: Learn how this hardware start-up partnered with Foxconn to create a product-lead vision

A hardware start-up in China

Matthieu David interviews Nathan Siy Founder and CEO at Evoke Motorcycles. The company aims to be a market leader in the transition from gas to electric propulsion motorcycles. There is no doubt that going electric is the future and Evoke’s electric motorcycles seem to be the right type of products for this emerging market in China. Making a strong partnership in terms of manufacturing, how Evoke Motorcycles approach product development, and how do they compare with what Tesla is currently doing in the automotive business – all these topics and more are discussed in this new China Paradigm interview.

  • 0:00 Guest introduction
  • 3:00 Evoke Motorcycles – current position on the Chinese market
  • 5:56 What is the pricing policy of Evoke Motorcycles?
  • 8:06 What was the initial investment for Evoke Motorcycles?
  • 10:58 Guanxi – how important is it to build trust before establishing a business relationship in China?
  • 12:52 Working with Foxconn – how was Evoke Motorcycles able to make that happen?
  • 17:38 At what stage was Evoke Motorcycles before partnering with Foxconn?
  • 19:36 How did Foxconn impact Evoke Motorcycles’ business strategy?
  • 20:57 Riding the Industry 4.0 wave – how Foxconn is able to pivot so fast
  • 25:25 Building the product – how does that process look like?
  • 29:21 How did Nathan Siy decide to build electric motorcycles?
  • 33:03 Software – does Evoke Motorcycles have a software development team?
  • 34:06 Who are Evoke Motorcycles’ clients?
  • 40:19 How hard was it for Evoke Motorcycles to obtain proper certification to be able to sell their products on the Chinese market?
  • 44:51 Is Evoke Motorcycles’ development process a client-focused or a product-focused one?
  • 47:15 How does Nathan Siy see sustainability evolving in China?
  • 50:59 What is the core feature of an Evoke motorcycle that would be aligned with the concept of sustainability?
  • 52:37 Why is Tesla not building electric motorcycles?
  • 54:28 What books have inspired Nathan Siy in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • 57:21 What productivity tools does Nathan Siy use to manage his company?
  • 58:51 Should he have extra time what other business would Nathan Siy like to pursue?
  • 1:01:22 What unexpected success and failure has Nathan Siy witnessed in China?

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