The Extended Warranty market in China

extended warranty market in China

Servicing the largest vehicle market in the world For over a decade, China has been the largest vehicle market in the world. Although 2018 marks the first year of declining vehicle sales (not including second-hand vehicles), China is still the largest vehicle market in the world. The high sales in the vehicle market also boost the […]

Driverless Cars in China: How is China Competing with the Rest of the World

driverless cars in China

When it comes to driverless cars in China, you may think that it sounds like science fiction. But the day when fully autonomous vehicles will drive themselves on public roads may be not that far off: Baidu, China’s largest search engine provider and Tesla, the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker and biggest electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturer […]

Motorcycle market in China

Daxue Consulting-Motorcycles in China-Chinese motorcycles-vehicles in China-Motorcycle market in China

An Introduction to the Motorcycle market in China The motorcycle market in China developed comparatively late. Whereas motorcycles first became popular in the 1920s in Europe and America, China wouldn’t begin producing them until 1951. Motorcycle are much cheaper than cars, not only to purchase but also the operating costs are generally less (fuel, repair, etc,). […]