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From D&G scandal to brand triumph: crafting an effective PR strategy for the Chinese market

The Public Relations (PR) sector focuses on enhancing a company’s reputation and promoting a positive brand image. It differs from marketing by emphasizing brand perception and prestige. Developing an effective PR strategy in China might prove to be challenging due to the unique characteristics of the Chinese audience. Nonetheless, it is necessary to manage the […]

China Paradigm 51: China’s B2B Tech Industry from a PR Perspective

China's B2B Tech Industry

Simon Vericel, Founder and MD of Influence Matters, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about China’s B2B Tech Industry. In this episode of China Pardigm, Simon talks about the focus of his company, the difference between the subdivided PR field, and also B2B technology. 2:37 The story of the Influence Matters 6:32 The size of the Influence […]