Brand localization in China: helping brands enter the Chinese market successfully

Brand localization in China

The three most frequent strategies used by brands to enter new markets are standardization, localization and glocalization, and there are some subtle differences between the three. Understanding them can better help the brand to resonate with customers around the globe. Standardization focused on making products, services, and processes consistent across regions; whilst localization adapts its […]

Behind Puma’s growth in China

Puma entered the Chinese market in 1999, opened its first branch in 2003, and has since introduced more than 2,000 stores in almost 600 cities in China. In January 2011, Puma acquired 100% of its long-term joint venture, Liberty China Holding Ltd, which has further strengthened its position in Greater China. Pre-pandemic, Puma in China […]

Translate brand names into Chinese

translate brand names in China

Translate brand names into Chinese [more about Branding in China] Most foreign companies, in an effort to break through the Chinese market, have translated their brand names in Chinese. Indeed, this language is fundamentally different from English or French in its pronunciation, and this often translates into names that can hardly be articulated by Chinese […]