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Cosmetic products include: Skincare products Shampoos and hair-care products Make-up products Products for children Sunscreen Anti-aging products Sports cosmetics Cosmeceuticals (products that combine cosmetic and pharmaceutical features, such as spot lightening cream, acne treatment lotion, and acne ointment.) The cosmetics industry in China in 2019 China has recently overtaken Japan to become the largest cosmetics […]

Cosmetics Regulations in China: 7 Steps to Get your Product Approved

cosmetics regulations in China

What new importers need to know about cosmetics regulations in China? In the Chinese cosmetic market, overseas brands account for 60% of the total sales of cosmetics, with sales value that amounts to nearly 90%.  The cosmetic market in China is certainly desirable to international brands, for multinationals as well as for small businesses. However, […]

Market research: Gambling in China

market research China

Market research: Gambling in China On July 12 and 13th, Chinese police arrested 108 individuals it accused of operating gambling rings around the 2014 FIFA world cup. Authorities declared asset seizures of about 18 billion RMB ($2.9 billion at the time). Reports have suggested that this is a fraction of the total amount of money […]