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Chinese new retail giants

Chinese new retail Alibaba, JD and Tencent are well-known Chinese tech giants. They’re also Chinese New Retail giants What is New Retail? It’s a consumer-centric, data-driven approach that merges online and offline interactions as well as elements of traditional retail, social media and entertainment in the shopping experience. It not only improves shopping for customers […]

Outdoor Equipment Market in China – Speeding Up

Outdoor equipment retailers in China have seen a significant growth in these last few years. As the Chinese are getting more aware of the importance of a healthy body, practicing sports outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. Before 1990, outdoor equipment retailers didn’t really exist in China, but last year the total sales for retail outdoor […]

Daxue FAQ – CRE Selling its Retail Unit

China Resources Enterprise (CRE) sold its retail unit back in April to focus on beer production. What drove the decision and how is the retail sector in China currently coping? In answer to your first questions, it’s a relatively simple case of Chinese Resources Enterprises focusing on what can turn a profit and handing off […]