Qatar World Cup makes Chinese netizens dream of a stronger national football team

Starting in November this year, the world’s most famous football tournament, the World Cup, has begun. Due to the climatic conditions of the hosting country, the World Cup Qatar 2022 is taking place during winter, making it the first winter World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere. Through social listening, we read the pulse on Chinese netizens’ […]

How Chinese netizens are reacting to the death of Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II, peacefully passed away at the age of 96 in London on September 8th, 2022. The Queen inherited the throne at the age of only 25 and reigned for 70 years, making her the longest-serving British monarch in history and the first monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. During the Queen’s lifetime, she […]

How Christmas in China is celebrated and why it is considered controversial

How Chinese celebrate Chris as

Although most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, in the shopping malls Christmas decorations can be seen starting in early December. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as well as Halloween, which has been growing in popularity, more and more western holidays are on Chinese people’s radars. However, the way the Chinese […]

What Chinese netizens say about the US 2020 election

What Chinese netizens say about the US 2020 election

On Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, the 2020 US Presidential Election drew attention from all around the world, including China. Considering the tense relationship between the two countries, it is not surprising. This year’s election was the hottest foreign-political topic on Chinese social media, even more heated than the 2016 election. Through social media listening, we can […]

The most popular international actors in China on social networks

_most popular actors in China

Who are the most popular international actors in China? While the movie industry is more and more directing and adapting its content to the Chinese market, who are the most popular celebrities to endorse brands and movies in China? Daxue Consulting realized a research on Baidu Index to know who are the most popular international […]