China’s sneaker market thrives as middle class grows and consumer preferences evolve

China’s sneaker market has experienced significant growth and transformation over the years. Sneakers have become a popular fashion trend and status symbol among Chinese consumers, particularly the younger generation. This market holds great potential due to the increasing influence of international sports fashion and the growing focus on footwear comfort among the middle class. China’s […]

CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 K.O.D collection has been re-released after 15 years

“K.O.D” collection (Kiss of Death)

The collaboration between Clot X Nike has more than ten years of history and, to this day, products of their collaboration remain relevant to the international fashion market. CLOT is a renowned Hong Kong streetwear brand founded in 2003 by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. In turn, Nike needs no introduction. This year, the two brands re-released the K.O.D […]