Traditional retailers grapple with the rise of premium supermarkets in China

premium supermarkets in china

Chinese supermarkets are undergoing a shift towards providing premium shopping experiences. Formerly recognized for affordability and practicality, they now prioritize elevated customer interactions. This includes a careful curation of products to cater to the preferences of affluent Chinese consumers, offering a diverse selection of imported goods and specialty products tailored to local tastes. Download our […]

Costco’s winning formula in China: premium brands, affordability, and exclusivity

Costco in China

Costco is experiencing considerable success in the Chinese market. The US wholesaler officially entered the Chinese market in August 2019, when its first physical store opened in Shanghai. The opening weekend marked a hive of activity – there were three-hour waits for parking spaces and thirty-minute queues at the checkouts. It caused local authorities to shut the […]

Hypermarket & Supermarket Industry in China: Following the Digital Era

Supermarket Industry in China

How does Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in China Survive in the Digital Era? Since Alibaba’s sales miracles and rapid expansion, all the market players tend to be associated with The Internet in a digital era, including supermarkets. Only when supermarkets and hypermarkets come up with adapted business pattern can they survive in the fierce competition in […]