China Paradigm 74: Building Baopals on top of Alibaba’s ecosystem

shop on Taobao and Tmall

In this episode of China Paradigm, Jay Thornills and Charles Erickson, Co-Founder & Head of Product Development at Baopals, speaks with Matthieu David about how to provide a platform to give foreigners in China an easy and enjoyable way to shop on Taobao and Tmall. In this China business vlog, Jay and Charles talk about […]

Taobao Global: A new strategy to keep one step ahead of the game targeting Millennials

taobao global

Since its launch in May 2003, Alibaba’s Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, has become the shopping destination of choice for Chinese consumers looking for a full selection of products and value for money. But not only. Taobao Global is gradually shifting Taobao’s focus from a consumer-to-consumer sales channel into a lifestyle destination for China’s new generation. […]