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BPO and call centers in China: Is China the next BPO hub?

BPO and call centers in China

In today’s competitive international marketplace, companies are under intense pressure to lower costs. This has lead to China being the ‘factory of the world’ but now as manufacturing moves to other countries, other opportunities for business process outsourcing (BPO) in China rise. Does that mean China is the next destination for call centers? Call centers […]

Arriving in high spirits: iPhone 8’s reputation in China

Daxue Consulting-iPhone 8’s reputation in China

Gauging iPhone 8’s reputation in China In anticipation of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, the Chinese web has been rife with various leaks and speculations on the product, the bulk of which displayed a landslide favor for the new product. Among these enthusiasts, it is suggested that a group of newly mature adult males have played […]

Huawei in European market

Huawei europe

The ambition of Huawei in European market “Europe is like a second home market for us.”——Roland Sladek, spokesperson for Huawei Huawei in Europe Huawei, a leading global ICT (Information Communication Technology) solutions provider, offers the most complete telecom product portfolio in the industry to customers in Europe and worldwide, covering wireless networks, broadband networks, core […]

Branding China : How Huawei started?

How Huawei started

Branding China : How Huawei started? [see also our focus on Xiaomi] Huawei transformed from small sales agent company to multinational Networking Corporation in just 25 years. It is also the largest telecommunications equipment maker with 21 R&D institutions all over the worlds including Europe and the USA. About half of the 140,000 employees of […]