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Tesla in China: Dominating the EV market with 0 marketing budget

Tesla in China

Since its establishment in 2003, Tesla has aimed to create Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the wider market, focusing on practical value. This includes features like extended range, rechargeability, energy efficiency, reasonable pricing, and solid performance—all woven into modern design. Tesla strategically positions itself across market segments, addressing the premium luxury market with models like the […]

Autonomous driving in China: Shifting the car industry from products to services

Autonomous driving in China

The advent of autonomous driving in China has already provoked fundamental changes in the country’s automotive industry. For example, so-called robo-taxis are now commercially operating on Chinese streets in 2021. These vehicles drive fully autonomously, transporting passengers without human drivers. Autonomous vehicle (AV) sales in China are expected to exceed 33 million in 2040, approximately […]

XPENG: a Chinese EV maker’s “Internet DNA”

Xpeng or Xiaopeng Motors case study Chinese EV brand

XPENG, or Xiaopeng Motors, is one of the hottest Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, which gains its popularity from its technological innovations. After surges of Tesla and NIO stocks, two of the most discussed EV brands globally, XPENG’s stock’s exponential growth in November also caught investors and the general public’s attention. Compared to Tesla and NIO, XPENG […]