Video Games Market in China: Mobile and client games take the largest share

video game market in China

The video games market in China used to lead the international market. However, Newzoo predicted that the U.S would like to surpass China as the No. 1 video games market because of the temporary free policy in China. However, China still accounted for 30 percent of the international market in 2019. According to the 2019 […]

Podcast transcript #86: A promising company developing games for the Middle East from China

China's game industry

Find here the China Paradigm 86 and experience the game industry in China with Vincent Gossub, a company that specializes in adapting and developing games for the Middle East from China. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone. This is China Paradigm, where we, Daxue Consulting, interview seasoned entrepreneurs in China. Hello everyone. Today, I […]