[Podcast] China Paradigm 39: How to run a successful social commerce campaign in China

social commerce campaign China

Adrien Fabry, serial entrepreneur and current general manager of Phoceis Agency in China, explain all the tips, tricks and insights of a social commerce campaign in China. In this episode of China Paradigms conducted by Matthieu David, we learn not only about different Chinese social media platforms but also practical advice on budgeting, chat boxes, […]

Podcast transcript #1: How to switch from an agency to SaaS model in China

Saas model in China

Find here the full transcript of China paradigm episode 1. Learn more about Thomas Graziani’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. BECOME A WECHAT EXPERT BY LISTENING TO THE PODCAST Matthieu David: Hi everyone. I’m interviewing today Thomas Graziani, founder of WalkTheChat, and I am happy to interview you, […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #17: How to best engage consumers in China

China marketing podcast 17

In this episode of China Paradigm, Matthieu David interviews Eliza Mao, the customer service director at SPLIO, an omnichannel marketing platform helping brands manage their loyalty programs and marketing campaigns from one platform. In this interview, Eliza shares WeChat marketing strategies, online and offline strategy for customer engagement, and explains how to carry out successful […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #12: From WeChat to Douyin, how to master China’s e-commerce landscape

e-commerce landscape in china

Matthieu David, founder of China Paradigm, interviews Jenny (Tingyi) Chen, Co-founder and COO of WalkTheChat, a WeChat marketing agency and software platform specialized in China’s e-commerce landscape. Chen describes how strong shared values allowed solidified the cross-cultural partnership with WalkTheChat’s other co-founder Thomas Graziani. Though neither of the co-founders are developers, they were able to […]

Optimising Your Wechat Marketing in China

optimising your wechat marketing

Optimising Your Wechat Marketing in China Any company with an SNS marketing strategy in China need to incorporate WeChat (known as Weixin in Chinese). WeChat has 788 million users active every month, an increasing presence overseas, and concerted efforts to spread the use of the app to countries like India and Brazil. Projections suggest it will […]