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The importance of Social Media in China

To get more insights about China, contact us at  China is known for its restrictions in related to the Internet and social media platforms. From an outside perspective, one may think Chinese people do not use social media on a daily basis. However, the opposite is true, China is a country where the Internet […]

Leisure Activities in China

TV Market Share in China: Hisense, Chuangwei, Changhong, TCL, Konka Due to the pressure generated from high pace of life, Chinese people tend to choose watching entertaining programs or going shopping to kill time when they are off work. As for the usual brand of TV chosen by Chinese consumers, following diagram illustrates a explicit structure of TV manufacture market in China. […]

Weixin 3

PART 5 Market competition IM market is composed by Weixin and other competitors. In the point of view of the whole China market, seen from Figure 2, Mobile QQ, Mobile Fetion, and Mobile MSN were first three IM software, the market share were 57.8%, 27% and 8.1% respectively. But for weixin, even though its accumulated […]

Weixin 2

PART 3 Development Weixin has gone through 4 versions in less than 2 years since it was put out, and every time it change always company addition of distinctive function, which precisely meet users’ demand and scrab large market share: Weixin 1.0 age – platformization At the beginning, weixin was devoted to connect different qq […]