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Weixin 3

PART 5 Market competition

IM market is composed by Weixin and other competitors. In the point of view of the whole China market, seen from Figure 2, Mobile QQ, Mobile Fetion, and Mobile MSN were first three IM software, the market share were 57.8%, 27% and 8.1% respectively. But for weixin, even though its accumulated market share was 2.5%, compared it in Q2 0.5%, weixin can be concluded to have explosive growth since its appearance. It can be contributed to its relevance of combination with mobile qq and qqmail, complementary to each other to realize data transferring and sharing. By comparison, Mi Liao’s is 0.5% and unchanged from the previous quarter. So with accumulated market share grows, mobile IM structure may change in the future.

Opportunity-localization marketing

Seen from Figure 3, until 2011Q3, the amount of accumulated account in China Mobile IM market was 561 million, chain growth rate was 7.3%. So supported by large customer base, it is a good opportunity to make marketing. As weixin is penetrated in daily life, more and more users subscribe applications when shopping or consumption, that result in a localized cooperation between weixin and local companies, and make instant interaction come true.