Leisure Activities in China

TV Market Share in China: Hisense, Chuangwei, Changhong, TCLKonka

Due to the pressure generated from high pace of life, Chinese people tend to choose watching entertaining programs or going shopping to kill time when they are off work. As for the usual brand of TV chosen by Chinese consumers, following diagram illustrates a explicit structure of TV manufacture market in China. The sales produced by top 5 TV brands accounts to the half of whole market, with figures that Hisense (13% market share), Chuangwei and Changhong (12%), TCL and Konka (10%). From this point to see, local brands take up the leadership positive and defeat overseas brands, Samsung, Sony, Sharp. According to a market report released last year, Hisense’s revenue increased by nearly 100% compared with the same period of last year. While TCL achieved net income of 0.95-1.1 billion, up 120%-150% from the period of last year.

QQ, Renren, KaixinWeibo, Weixin in Daily Life

Nobody can live without the internet especially after the appearance of various applications on smart phone. People are busy at moving their fingers for games such as Fruit Ninja and temple run. They may use QQ and Fetion such instant communication tools to send immediate messages and chat online. Besides, SNS (social network system) is prevailing among students and white collars and provides a place for them to share information and interact with each other. While weibo (Sina weibo and Tencent weibo)is newly emerging fangle and rapidly have become one of the most effective and dominant method which is much faster in broadcasting information. Recently, a large of group of people are glued to weixin from Tencent, an application launched on smart devices and has the virtue of being speaking and texting message to others.

Destinations for Tours: JiuzhaigouDaliHangzhouGuilin, Zhangjiajie  

Having a journey during holidays or golden week(黄金周), usually refers to the National Days and the Spring Festival, is always a good choice for Chinese people. With newest implemented Traffic Laws that high way is free for all kinds of small passenger vehicles during official long holidays, thousands of Chinese people are encouraged to have a self-drive travelling plan or long journey. Usually, the best destinations censused by a research in China are Jiuzhaigou in Suchuan province, Dali located in Yunnan province, west lake in Hangzhou, Yangshuo in Guilin, and Zhangjiajie in Hunan province. Apart from those domestic places, Chinese people would also like to choose overseas tourist resorts, for example Pattaya, Jeju and  Hongkong, for a visit served by a travel agency. In China, the best travel agencies are BTG International Travel & Tours, CITS, and Beijing Youth Travel Agency.

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