Social media: high culture’s new advertisement front for Chinese museum visitors

Daxue Consulting-Chinese museum visitors

How to attract Chinese museum visitors using social media? The number of Chinese museum visitors is growing fast, with the average growth rate of around 55% from 2006 to 2015, along with the rekindled art market, according to Daxue Consulting. Xinhua News Agency (新华社), the official press agency of China, finds that museums have ranked as […]

Travel Service Market in China

travel market china

Mainland China became the world’s biggest source of foreign tourists in 2014. Fierce competition is ongoing on the travel service market in China from planning extravagant galas and regional trade shows to packaging and booking travel products to serving the needs of the tourism sector, the industry of travel Service in China covers a lot of ground. As the […]

Chinese tourists used to prepare their trip online

Chinese tourists online

Chinese tourists used to prepare their trip online In the billion inhabitants and 618 million Internet users country, the practices of preparing travel are changing. In fact a recent market research on how Chinese tourists prepare their journey found that 16% of them rely on the internet consumers review sites to plan their trip. This percentage even […]

Leisure Activities in China

TV Market Share in China: Hisense, Chuangwei, Changhong, TCL, Konka Due to the pressure generated from high pace of life, Chinese people tend to choose watching entertaining programs or going shopping to kill time when they are off work. As for the usual brand of TV chosen by Chinese consumers, following diagram illustrates a explicit structure of TV manufacture market in China. […]