The market for sport clothes in China

Li Ning

The market for sport clothes is extremely competitive in China The market for sport clothes in China has been expanding at a rate of 6.5% for the past years. The main players in the market are both foreign and domestic companies, what makes competition fiercer. Domestic producers need to compete with foreign brands, such as […]

Leisure Activities in China

TV Market Share in China: Hisense, Chuangwei, Changhong, TCL, Konka Due to the pressure generated from high pace of life, Chinese people tend to choose watching entertaining programs or going shopping to kill time when they are off work. As for the usual brand of TV chosen by Chinese consumers, following diagram illustrates a explicit structure of TV manufacture market in China. […]

10 China couples stars brands love

Wang Fei(王菲) and Li Yapeng(李亚鹏) Wang Fei has been a spokesperson for many global brands, such as LV, CELINE, Motorola, J-phone(Japan), Baleno attitude, Pepsi, Jovell, Head-Shoulders (海飞丝). And Li worked for Porsche Design. Liu Jialing(刘嘉玲) and Liang Chaowei(梁朝伟) Liu worked for LUX, SK-Ⅱ, OSIM, WANKO, Yan Zhiwu(燕之屋), Shui Xing Jia Fang(水星家纺), while Liang Chaowei worked […]