White Rabbit and Summer Palace

“The Summer Palace x Big White Rabbit” is a vivid example of a company using nostalgia marketing

A vivid example of a company using nostalgia marketing (read more about nostalgia marketing) is the collaboration between the Shanghai milk candy brand White Rabbit (大白兔) and Summer Palace (欧和园).
These local and popular brands collaborated for the first time and launched a product with a series of candy gift boxes called “The Summer Palace x Big White Rabbit”, “Ji Tu Yu Yuan” (吉兔游园).

Before the official release, (2020.12.30-2021.01.01) at Shanghai Creative Industry Expo (2020 第一届上海创意产业博展会) presented the final product of collaboration . 

Two different gift boxes were designed

The first box contains 3 types of candies: original milk flavor (原味奶糖)coffee-flavored toffee (咖啡奶糖) and the red bean flavor (红豆奶糖). Also, in the set, the first box includes three brooches that symbolize both brands.

The second box contains a lamp in the shape of a rabbit and milk candies. All packed in a beautiful box with an illustration of the Summer Palace. These gift boxes are available for online purchase at the official White Rabbit Taobao store. Also in the offline shop of the Summer Palace itself for¥38 -¥144.

So, patriotic sentiment is the latest trend in China, which is increasingly used by local brands. Hence, this campaign, imbued with the spirit of Guochao 国朝 attracts attention to both brands. Additionally, inspires people to visit the Summer Palace.

Author: Erkeaiym Kylymbekova

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