Guochao Webinar flyer November 8 (1)

[Webinar] Guochao marketing 2022 | Download presentation deck and view webinar recording

We have been watching the Guochao trend closely since 2018. From the increased patriotism among Chinese Gen-Z, to the increase in domestic luxury brands, in this webinar shared the insights we’ve collected over the last few years!

Our first webinar on October 18th 2022 had so much interest, we hosted a second one on November 8th. Below is the recording of that webinar!

Download the presentation deck from our Guochao Marketing Webinar!

In our 2022 Guochao Marketing Webinar, we presented:

  • What Guochao means to Chinese consumers, in terms of brand origin vs. design
  • Chinese consumers evolving preferences
  • How foreign brands can ride the Guochao wave
  • Our hypotheses on the future of Chinese luxury brands

View the webinar recording on Youtube:

This webinar was presented by our communications director Yuwan Hu and our research director Steffi Noel.