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China research: Where to find business news in China

In such a big and volatile business market like China, changes can happen anywhere at any time. In this information era, people expect to receive business news the moment that it happens. The quality of the information is also very important. So what are the major sources that Chinese business people and consumers rely on to receive business news?


In China, the major portal sites such as Sina (, Netease (, Tencent(, Souhu( and  Fenghuang ( all have financial and business sections and sub-pages. They not only provide full and accurate information of business news all over the world, but also offer the opinions of their writers on their website. These reports are usually written by professional analysts, and provide insight into the hottest topics in the business world. These articles often talk about a topic in a thorough and unique perspective, and give direct conclusions that are easy to understand.

Also, there are forums where any web-user can post a comment and share their ideas. The famous business forums include Suohu (, Alibaba (, Eshang ( and Jingyingjie ( These forums also work as B2B or B2C intermediates.

Television program

Television is another big source of business news. CCTV has its own financial channel and some of local TV stations also have financial channels. Financial TV programs in China can be classified into four general categories: integrated information programs, talk show programs, commentary programs, and story-telling programs.

Integrated information programs provide instant information primarily about the financial market, securities market, and goods market. Because the information broadcast on television must be accurate and fast, most hosts usually have received much training in finance and the guests are usually people of prestige in the financial world. These reports tend to be about the stock market and the foreign exchange market because the Chinese bond market is not fully developed.

Talk show programs usually invite guests who are influential professors or accomplished entrepreneurs. These programs are conducted in a lively atmosphere where guests and the host may exchange views about popular topics in economics and finance. This creates a platform for news figures, business elites, government officials, economics professors and investors to communicate their views to the mass media.

Commentary programs primarily choose major economic events as the report topic, and report things in a professional and objective way. These programs provide thorough comments and reports on the most important economic news from multiple perspectives.

Newspapers and Magazines

While some people enjoy listening and watching economic news, some others choose to read. Newspapers and magazines in China, although not as universally-welcomed as the Internet and the TV, still have a great number of readers. Famous Chinese business newspapers and magazines include ShangjieShangye Weekly, No.1 Finance Weekly, China Business Comment, Business Fashion, etc. Chinese businessmen also read foreign financial magazines such as Fortune and Forbes.

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Picture Source: Sina