Who is the best Tourism promotion agency in China?

Chinese people travel more and more, not only inside China, but also in other countries. 83 million Chinese people traveled in 2012, and they should be 100 million by 2020.

Moreover Chinese tourists spend a lot while travelling: they spent 102 billion dollars in 2012, which is 40% more than in 2011. They are now more spending than American and German tourists.

So how to attract them, when you are a travel agency, a hotel or resort for example?

Only one name , “Gentlemen marketing agency” , they have the solution.

2 partners specialized in Tourism and online marketing. One French living in China since 2007, fluent in mandarin, has a real expertise of the Chinese Internet and the Webmarketing, and Philip International Chinese with Digital background. Bilingual in English, Philip has a deep knowhow in Chinese Internet, and also understands naturally the behavior of the Chinese netizens. His fields of expertise are industry and tourism. He has been partnering with Olivier for a long time.

They are interested in the trends of the Chinese market and the digital communication in China. His main fields of expertise are SEO, Community Management on Chinese social networks or the set-up of promotional operations on the Chinese Internet. They publich many usefull information on their website.

What are the best solutions to attract Chinese tourists?

Are main solutions are online solutions. Why? You have to know that there were 564 million Internet users in China by the end of 2012. Moreover especially rich Chinese people are very connected, using social networks such as Wechat or Weibo

There are also 242 million people in China buying online, buying everything, from clothes to cars, diamonds, and especially travels. More information in our previous article.

So here are our online and offline solutions:

1. A Website in Chinese

It is very important to have a website in Chinese, explaining all your services, and with information about the country where you want to attract them. The more useful information you have, the more visitors your website will attract.

2. SEO
Search Engin optimization is very important to appear first on Baidu. In fact, Baidu is the leading search engine in China, and most of Chinese people start a research on Baidu before the buying act. You need to be on top position on Baidu on your keywords in order to attract more customers. Doing SEO on Baidu will bring you the advantages of having the position of natural leader, and attract potential customers who can ask you questions. SEO in Chinese is special, it’s different than on google, and you need to optimize your website and your content.

3. SEM
Baidu SEM, PPC (Pay per click) or Google Adwords let you appear in the paid area, which means having a good ranking on internet browsers. It is very useful to get visitors and leads.

4. Social Media
Weibo nowaday is a powerfull tool to communicate tin China. With 50 million active users per day, it has o lot of influence on Chinese citizens. Weibo is a mix between twitter and facebook, and it’s one of the most used social networks in China.

For this you need to get the certifications and open an account, then publish interesting contents with pictures and videos, and interact with the users.

5. KOL Campaign
Key Opinion Leader, or Key Opinion Leader are people who have a lot of followers and a lot of influence on people. Using KOL on Weibo can attract a lot of people in their community. Many travel spots used Stars to promote their place. You can invite Stars, KOL or journalist to promote your place.

6. PR (Public Relation)
PR consists of rich visuals, feedbacks or testimonials of people who visited the country. It is very useful to increase your awareness. This solution is growing very fast in the travel market.

Product placement
This solution consists of showing your service or country in a movie or on TV.

For example, the French region of Provence was shown in a TV series called “Dream links”, and it worked very well: now when Chinese tourists come to France, they all want to see this region, which they didn’t know about before. They have contact with TV , and production…

Gentlemen Marketing Agency offers all of these services. So, if you want to attract Chinese tourists please contact them via their website.