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Windows shade: market research in China

Windows shade: market research in China

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windows shade

According to market research in China, the price of the high quality timber and the market supply allow china consultants to foresee the growing trend of the windows shade market in China. As China economy growth extraordinarily, as well as the personal income, analysis shows that most of the citizens desire to live in an environment-friendly neighborhood. Therefore, environmental and fashionable furniture have become a universal requirement for the furniture market. Thus, the products like windows shade and windows blind will be on the ride of high-speed development period in China.

The prospect consumers can be individual as well as companies. The market has to face the competition of competitive product such as sun louver, sunshade and Havelock.

Major brands in windows shade market in China (based on the market share)

1           Norman Shutters

2           Yunlong Wood industry Co. Ltd.,

3           Hangzhou Green Card Co. Ltd.

4           Linjiang City Baojian Wooden Industry Ltd.,corp

5           Fuxin Feixue (Group) Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

6           Tachikawa windows industry Co. Ltd.

7           DODOKA

8           Shanghai Beston Plastics Company Ltd.,

9           Jiaxing Ji Dun tracery Co. Ltd.

10       Sanlanti (Shanghai) wood products Co., Ltd.

Norman Shutters

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Yifeng (Dongguan) curtain Co. Ltd.,Norman,one of the top windows shade brands in Chinese market, was the subsidiary company of Taiwan Yifeng Comprehensive Industry Limited by Share Ltd. Its Initial Public Offerings was at Taiwan in 1974. Several years later, it became the advanced company in shutters, windows shade, windows blind and other products in the industry and the leading manufacture globally.

The company’s head office was located in the Taiwan and the main production base is in Dongwan, whereas the market and costumers center was in the oversea, Los Angeles and Atlanta

Market positioning: one of the world biggest solid wood widow-blinds suppliers

Product design(or advantages ):

Official website :

Main product:

o   Shutters(wood composite, advanced polymer, environmentally friendly wood shutters, solid wood shutters)

o   Faux wood blinds

o   Wood blinds

o   Aluminum blinds

o   Honeycomb shades(fabric texture)

o   Roman shades (AeroLite™ Cordless System)

o   Roller shades (Norman’s® modern solar screen materials)

Yunlong Wood industry Co. Ltd

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Yuling wood industry Co. Ltd, is one of the top brand which make the best quality of products in China. And it is also the most competitive company which is specialist in making windows blind, ventilated windows and other products. The head office is located in the north-east of china and the sales basis is in California, U.S.A. Therefore, most of their product was exported instead of the home sell. Based on its contribution to the country’s economy, it was honored as “Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization of the Provincial” in 2006 and obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in 2007 and FSC certificate in 2008.

Market positioning: obtain the highest quality of the product

Official website :

Main product: wood windows blind  

Different material for windows shade in China

Wood and metal windows blind

Despite wood is excellent material, not only on the visual but also the tactile, market research shows that more thantwo-thirds of the consumers in China would like to buy metal shutter. Most of the people who tend to buy wood windows blind are those who have a special requirement in decorating. Otherwise, people still prefer to buy aluminate windows blind; as it is easier to maintain and install, low cost as well, we can foresee that there will be more competitors in China’s marketof windows shade who will specialist in making metal windows blind.

Wood and traditional curtain windows blind

Different from the soft texture curtain, the material of shutter blade usually used wood, glass and aluminum alloy, which, therefore, enable them to withstand sun-born, rain erosion, dust and other weather. It is easy to clean as well.

Compared with the curtain, shutter can be adjusted flexibly, especially their blades. In terms of shading, shutters can resist ultraviolet radiation. What’s more, it can also adjust indoor light by altering the blades. In the aspect of ventilation, blinds fit the room best without any stuffiness. Shutter can also protest the customs privacy. In addition, when you close the blinds completely, it can play the role of noise insulation.

All in all, shutter benefits the most. That’s may be why many people choose to use windows shade instead of curtains.


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