China's furniture market

China’s furniture market has a great potential

As a global furniture production center, China has been the biggest country manufacturing furniture in the world since 2006. The total sales of furniture manufacture industry reach to 750.8 billion in 2014 with a 15% growth. This number will continuously improve because of the development of the country while professional specialized children’s furniture has the greatest potential. In order to keep the share in the market, furniture producers seek different channels to promote their products and improve the quality of the material, as well as meeting the standards of comfort and health.

Developments in China promote the market’s expansion

Urbanization and modernization of countryside regions are part of China’s economic growth, raising the domestic demand and enlarges the furniture market in China. The Chinese government encourages Chinese people to settle themselves in big cities, which simulate real estate’s and flourish the furniture market. Compared to big cities, second and third tier cities in China have greater potential market as people tend to choose furniture for their own house, indeed, investment on a second house are not that common in second or third tier cities. Transformation of old urban areas and redecoration of old apartments help to increase the sales of furniture in cities. Chinese people, on average replace their old furniture every ten years, which contributes to prosper the furniture market of 35 billion RMB every year. The reconstruction of new public areas is also a call on a great number of practical furniture. Experts pointed out that rural furniture market has more than 10 billion RMB at an annual growth rate of 25%.

Strong demand for children’s furniture

Sales of children’s furniture are ceaselessly increasing in recent years as many parents are more and more aware that children’s furniture has to meet precise safety standard. Daxue Consulting survey shows that 72% of the Chinese parents will choose premium furniture for their children because of their advantages over ordinary one. The choices are larger and more adapt to fit children’s need and arousing the curiosity of the kids. The choice is multiple, they are adapt to the safety of the kids and you have several options such as the choice of the color, the different function of the furniture. The upcoming baby boom will greatly raise the demand for children’s furniture market.

Various sales channels change the sales mode

Most furniture manufacturers are applying new medium sales with the help of various sales channels. A great number of home furnishing malls are developing, which attracts plenty of producers to open their physical stores in that kind of platform. Big companies choose to open their franchised store in big cities, in order to develop their brand identity. Meanwhile, collaboration with E-commerce is one of the major sales strategy for many companies as the young generation prefer online shopping. Some producers even launch the customized service online. E-commerce gives the opportunity to the customers to choose the style, the color and the material of the needed furniture within several clicks online. Furniture brands should definitely open their own e-commerce platform, in order to attract more customers.

Comfort and health are the most important standard

Chinese pay more and more attention to comfort and environmental protection performance when they choose new furniture as they care a lot about health nowadays. Nowadays, Chinese customers are also attracted by eco-friendly furniture made with a natural material; the main reason is that they are trying to avoid chemicals products, caring for their own health.

When it comes to office furniture, furniture companies designed ergonomic ones, in order to bring a pleasant environment and help for a healthy posture at work, factors that are really important which help to increase work efficiency and improve staff cohesion. In recent years, many furniture manufacturers begin to study the concept of ergonomics products to satisfy the customers’ requirement for comfort and health. Moreover, the Chinese government has already launched a third party for the furniture market, which lead the manufacturers to invest more in the innovation and guide the whole society to form a green and healthy consumption concept.

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