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Workshop in China

Workshop in China: NextStep Collaborates with Daxue Consulting

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NextStep Collaborates with Daxue Consulting

Shanghai-based learning platform for Entrepreneurs and Managers, NextStep is partnering with Daxue Consulting to share industry expertise on relevant market in China. With the advancement of the local businesses in mind, Daxue Consulting and NextStep aims to assist entrepreneurs, managers, and businessmen through relevant insight and resources.

Nexstep Workshop in China:

For the love of learning

Nextstep was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping local and foreign professionals connect and gain access to a professional network that they can tap into according to their need. In three years after its conception, NextStep was able to create a network of professionals through more than 300 events. After a few year hiatus, NextStep is back, this time as a learning platform for the curious, with workshops and training ranging from how to find time to do what you love, learning how to read a balance sheet, and deciding on how to brand your creative ideas. Since January 2016, NextStep has conducted more than 20 workshops with a little more than 150 individuals in attendance.

Collaboration between Daxue Consulting and Nextstep Workshop in China

Thphotoe aim of the collaboration between Daxue Consulting and Nextstep Workshops is to share industry expertise on relevant market in China. Daxue Consulting is a market research and management consulting firm that focuses on the Chinese Market. Experts of Daxue Consulting uses multiple methodology approaches to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools. With that in mind, there was a mutual benefit for both organizations involved as both organizations have shared insights in the related industry.

By partnering with Daxue Consulting, we believe that we will be able to provide our community with better resources and services. Working together with them will help us reach a bigger audience and also help share our love of learning with other entrepreneurs in and around Shanghai,” said Greg Prudhommeaux, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of NextStep.

This collaboration has been beneficial for both teams. Daxue Consulting team members were able to attend one of the events organized by NextStep in April and May, in which they learned valuable insights about e-commerce sales and marketing for Luxury Fashion Brands. Daxue Consulting also provides NextStep with rich content that is shared to the community through its blogs and newsletters. Daxue Consulting has also published an article “Achieving Your Vision Through Goal-Setting and Planning” with the goal of promoting NextStep Workshops’ web optimization and visibility.

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