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Competitive Benchmarking in China

Daxue Consulting conducted a series of survey on Competitive Benchmarking in China, including competitor analysis, market analysis and vertical / horizontal analysis.

These types of research are aimed at empowering our clients with comprehensive information on how to sell, where to sell, how to differentiate and how to access distribution networks in China. Our project managers will provide as much operational recommendations as possible.

Daxue Consulting conducts Competitive Benchmarking in China through proven methodologies

To conduct Competitive Benchmarking in China, Daxue Consulting uses several methodologies:

  • Documentary research through the Internet and magazines
  • Qualitative interviews with market experts such as consultants and professors
  • Interviews with competitors through various approaches
  • Qualitative interviews with clients
  • Synthesis of internal documents, etc.



The recommendations from market research will be supplemented by:

  • Maps of distribution networks
  • Report of competitor’s practices and their distribution networks
  • Summary sheets that detail the strategy of competitors
  • Recommendations on distribution strategies



Daxue Consulting has completed the following projects:

  • For a brand in the perfume sector – conducted a complete distribution analysis.
  • For an individual – interviewed 12 food distributors.
  • For a SME – provided a study of prospective distributors.

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