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Brands are viewed as the primary enduring asset of a company, outlasting the company’s specific products and facilities. In particular, in China, consumers rely greatly on Brand value and awareness to purchase. Daxue Consulting Brand Equity China solution will ensure you to develop the best of your existing brand on the Chinese market with customized and proven methods.

What is brand equity in China?

Brand equity is the intangible value of a particular company or product based on consumers’ perception of the brand name. Many factors contribute to brand equity including advertising, consumer reviews and publicity. A brand with high equity tends to be well-known and thought of positively by many consumers. This helps create the perception that its products or services are better than those of lesser-known brands.

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A brand’s power derived from the goodwill and name recognition that it earned from consumers and the market over time can be translated into higher sales volume and higher profit margins against competing brands.

Brand equity is usually measured on three levels:

  • the firm level,
  • the product level and
  • the consumer level.

We are discussing consumer-level management which focuses on brand recognition and opinions.

Why is brand equity crucial in China

Building a strong brand with high equity in China provides a host of possible benefits to a firm, such as

brand equity china

  • greater customer loyalty and less vulnerability to competitive marketing actions or marketing crises; larger margins;
  • more favorable customer response to price increases and decreases;
  • more major trade or intermediary cooperation and support;
  • increased marketing communication effectiveness; and
  • licensing and brand extension opportunities.

Positive brand equity in China can help your firm in a variety of ways. For example, the financial benefits enable a firm to charge a price premium for that brand. The firm’s brand has enough equity that a price premium is not only accepted; but it is also expected. Positive brand equity can also help not only increase sales and revenues and expand business through successful brand extension, but it can also help reduce costs. There is little need for awareness promotion for a brand that has deep, positive equity; marketing budgets can be more strategically invested in programs that will drive short-term results.

A company with high brand equity is also positioned for long-term success because consumers have established deep connections and loyalty to the brand that even if the brand has encountered a bump in its development road and affected a little of its brand reputation, consumers are more likely to forgive and understand. Positive brand equity helps a company navigate through macro-environmental challenges far more quickly than brands with little or negative brand equity can.

How Daxue Consulting Brand Equity China will build your branding in China

Daxue Consulting’s team has been managing brand development on China’s market through our solution Brand Equity China, covering most first-tier and second-tier cities and providing in-depth and reliable data for our clients. When it comes to brand equity, Daxue Consulting is professional and able to deliver services as below:

Introducing a brand in China

Daxue Consulting helps companies and individuals to start a business in China for its market research, potential analysis, cost analysis, implementation feasibility, data-mining across the internet.

Daxue Consulting Brand Equity China activates various methodologies for you to get an accurate idea whether to grab a new business opportunity:build a brand in China

  • Market research
  • Documentary research
  • Interviews with market experts, clients, competitors, and prospects
  • Synthesis of internal documents etc.

The recommendations resulting from the research go along with the following documents: Figures on the main distribution networks; a benchmark of practices of competitors and their strategies; Summary sheets that detail the opportunities to grab; Recommendations about the business environment.

Brand Visibility Analysis in China

Daxue Consulting Brand Equity China helps companies to measure their brand visibility. We interview prospects, customers, and bystanders to get their opinion on a certain brand. Several visual presentations might also accompany the interviews. These studies are not only aimed at helping our clients to understand the results of their marketing campaigns but also to help them prepare for upcoming communication campaigns. The recommendations are as operational and efficient as possible.

Daxue Consulting uses various proven methodologies to analyses your brand visibility in China, such as:

  • Quantitative face to face interviews
  • Online survey
  • Qualitative interviews with opinion leaders
  • Focus groups of 8 to 12 people
  • Telephone interviews

The Brand Equity China deliveries included with the brand image study may also encompass PowerPoint with graphs, raw data collected from the users/clients / prospects in Excel format, Videos and audiotapes of focus groups with conclusions, Recommendations on the marketing strategy.

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