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With China’s population size and the continuously rising spending capacity among consumer groups, the Chinese market has to surpass its role as a mere production location and positioned itself among the most sought after consumer markets worldwide. It is crucial to understand better these consumers and to provide them with the most customized and adapted offer in the market.

consumer panel ChinaDaxue Consulting Consumer Panel China gathers the best database of representative users in China to evaluate:

  • your position on your particular market,
  • your performance
  • your brand awareness and brand equity
  • your market size
  • your market’s trends
  • and any driver of growth on your market

 What is a Consumer Panel?

Consumer panel service is a sample of individuals, usually household consumers, whose purchases, product usage, and media consumption are recorded over a period and who provide information on their purchase. Consulting agencies are using this market research method to collect data repeatedly from a representative sample of defined survey population. The data is typically behavioral rather than attitudinal and provides a much more accurate measurement of changes over time through replicated measurements on the same respondents.

Technology is transforming choice, and the choice is transforming the marketplace. As a result, we have been witnessing the emergence and development of a new marketing paradigm, not a “do more” marketing that simply turns up the volume on the sales spiels of the past but a knowledge and experience-based marketing.

The market now belongs to consumers.

In the world of promoting business and reaching out to people and being able to provide a product or service that people like, a consumer panel service in China comes into play to gather responses and insights collect consumer opinions and analyze them.


Why use Consumer Panel China

Using consumer panel to collect feedbacks and analyzing what people think of your business and commodities is to read consumers’ needs, translate their insights into business, or even tap new ideas into consumers’ minds and educate them to ultimately satisfy customers and understand the market.

Using a consumer panel service to gather customers’ feedback is safe, anonymous, private and cheaper. It produces accurate results, and the selected audience size is controllable from very few, limited people to a bigger audience.

How Daxue Consulting Consumer panel China will gather all your needed information

Daxue Consulting has been managing consumer panel on China’s market, covering most first-tier and second-tier cities and providing in-depth and reliable data for our clients for many years. We offer our clients continuous monitoring and tracking record on purchasing and usage behavior and the underlying driver behind data to consumer panel solution china

  • help understand consumers in China’s market;
  • assist clients in evaluating brand equity,
  • launching new products,
  • branding/naming/advertisement/retail in China,
  • major retails performance and competition and advise on market trends,
  • media efficiency measurements etc.

Our industry expertise and dedication in China’s market is reflected in the variety of specialist panels we operate through our Consumer Panel China solution to measure complex markets and categories accurately. The methodologies we apply are as follows:

  • Qualitative interviews with market experts: consultants, professors, professionals,
  • Quantitative interviews with targeted sample of consumers. We work with your staff to determine the best approach and provide valuable and complete data analysis.
  • Store-checks, mystery shopping, benchmarks,
  • Online survey and research: English and French and we manage local project such as online surveys in Shanghai or online surveys in Beijing, such as Online customized research, Online panel, Online focus groups, Online Ethnography, Online secondary research and Online product testing.
  • Information collection through the Internet (Baidu, Google, specific platforms) and magazines (specific fields, analysis of competitors, competing media plans),
  • Interviews with competitors through various approaches,
  • Synthesis of internal documents, etc.

We elevate your product and service in the eyes of consumers by connecting you with the consumer and market.

Know the Chinese consumers, win the market.

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