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Feasibility Study in China

Why Feasibility Study in China?

Feasibility Study in China.

When considering and planning a potential project of market entry, decision-makers need to take the most informed decision to ensure smooth market entry and risk-free investment. Daxue Consulting provides feasibility study services to help you determine the viability of your project and collect the details you need to secure your future investment.

Our teams combine our expertise and experience of the local market into creative solutions that will minimize risk and maximize the value of your portfolio. Once you are considering and preparing a potential project for the growth of your business in China, you need to base your decision on accurate data and relevant information.

Our team in Shanghai and Beijing will use our market sophistication and proven research methodologies to give you independent, precise advice on the risks and opportunities that the current market presents.

Feasibility Study in China: How Do We Work?

The feasibility study provides you an overview of the possible issues related to your business idea. It will help you to prevent the risk and opportunity of your future business in the chosen marketplace.

Daxue’s consultants will focus on the identification of red flags and deal breakers as well as key drivers of growth to ensure you a full and pragmatic overview of your situation in China. It includes to:

  • Get an initial and primary overview of the regulatory environment and business practices to spot deal breakers
  • Gain a better understanding of China’s environment, target profiles, existing offer
  • Identify and evaluate client acquisition requirements in China
  • Estimate the cost to enter the Chinese market

Moreover, identifying the pros and cons would help you to understand more the market, and provides you with the most relevant information that will be necessary to build the whole business plan. This is an important step that provides you the basics of your future market entry.

Finally, in the process of a feasibility study in China, our consultants will assist the decision makers whenever they will need to assess alternative opportunities and will suggest the best options for risk-free investments and smooth market entries.


Case study: Customer in the Fashion industry

A Clothing company specialized in Cashmere products, with several of years of presence in Europe, was looking for a rapid entry and growth in the Chinese market. Our client wanted to quantify their growth opportunity for its particular clothes quality product lines in two main cities of China, Beijing and Shanghai. The feasibility study helps them to identify the actionable go to market strategy.


Daxue’s team in Beijing and Shanghai developed a general market entry feasibility and attractiveness study in the different cities in China. The project involved in-depth discussions with consumers and retailers. This allowed Daxue Consulting to gain insights into the growing segments and the gaps between the two cities.

The project phases went through:

  • Analyzing the profile of the Niche market with in-depth interviews.
  • Understanding the trends within of the different cities.
  • Providing a broad understanding of competing offerings and pricing
  • Defining a market entry approach, with the identification of physical distribution channels and route to market.

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