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Brief Market Research on Daqing

Daqing’s top companies: Rockefeller, Exxon Mobil Corp, NTT, Thales Group

Daqing is home to China’s largest oil reserves. The city was founded in 1959 to house oil industry workers and workers in industries, which could see an advantage in being close to the oil supplies. It is located in the west of Heilongjiang province of Northeast China. According to the 2010 census, its population is 2,904,532, with a few population of other 31 minority ethnic groups including Manchu, Mongolian, Korean and Muslim nationalities. The primary industries in Daqing are the petroleum and related industries. It is the world’s 4th most productive oil field. In 2008, Daqing’s GDP was 222 billion Yuan.

There are many foreign companies in Daqing, for example, Rockefeller, The United States warner investment, Mobil Oil Corp from the USA, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation from Japan, Thales Group from france and so on.


Famous People, Education and International relations in Daqing

The Iron Man, Wang Jinxi is the most famous celebrity in Daqing. He is a hero for the development of Daqing’s oil industry. He is widely praised by both the Chinese and the foreigners for his great sacrifice to the country’s development.

Northeast Petroleum University is one of the education institution located in Daqing. It provides Daqing plenty of talents for the petroleum industry.

Daqing is twinned with many cities all around the world, such as Calgary in Canada, Chungju of South Korea, Luhansk of Ukraine and Tyumen of Russia.


City Life and Shopping  in Daqing: Xin Ma Te, Xin Dong Feng shopping plaza, Long Feng

There is a famous bar in Daqing called “Simon’s bar” which is located on the Yinzuo walking street of Ranghulu district. The commerce in Daqing is very well developed. The department stores, shopping malls, exclusive shops are everywhere on the main street in Daqing. The popular department stores include Xin Ma Te, Xin dongfeng shopping plaza, Long Feng department store and so on. There are all kinds of domestic and foreign brands in them, such as Vacheron Constantin, Tissot, Rolex and so on.