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Brief Market Research on Hohhot

Hohhot‘s top companies: Yili, Mengniu, TCL mobile, Skyworth electronic, Qea Investment Group Co., Ltd

Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia and part of a metropolitan area with a population of around 2.86 million. Lots of domestic and foreign companies can be found in Hohhot such as Yili, Mengniu, TCL mobile, Skyworth electronic, Qea Investment Group Co., Ltd and so on. The majority of the population of Hohhot are Han Chinese, respresenting 87% of the total population. Most Mongolians speak fluent Mandarin Chinese apart from Mongolian. A significant portion of the population is of mixed ethnic origin. Due to the diverse cultural make-up, Hohhot is not shot of ethnic minority elements. On the Tongdao Road, the main street in the old town area, there are Islamic and Mongol style designs on all the buildings. Because of the large Muslim population, restaurants with a green or yellow sign are generally Halal and will not serve pork. Mentioning pork to the owner is considered a grave insult and should be avoided. So it is better to take the opportunity to sample the mutton dishes instead.


Famous People and Education in Hohhot: Wu Lan Tuo Ga and De De Ma

The famous Chinese composer Wu Lan Tuo Ga is born in Hohhot. The well known singer De De Ma is also from here. As can be seen from their name, they are both Mongolians.

Universities located in Hohhot include: Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia University of Agriculture, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia College of Medicine, Inner Mongolia College of Finance and Economics.


City Life and Bars in Hohhot: suutei tsai and others

Hohhot is known for being the base of nationally renowned dairy giants Yili and Mengniu. The Mongolian drink suutei tsai (a kind of milk tea in China), which is a typical breakfast in Hohhot.

There is also a large selection of Korean an Muslim restaurants, in addition to the traditional Mongolian cuisine and cuisine from other regions of China. According to the 2011 census there are 1,246 Korean in Hohhot accounting for 0.05% of the total population.

Vienna Pub (维也纳港湾) located on Hulunbeier Nan Road (呼伦贝尔南路) (Near Dizhiju Nan Jie) is the most famous pub in Hohhot. There are live bands playing Mongolian music all night long in it and it is frequented by many ethnic Mongolians.