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Brief Market Research on Shantou

General Overview on Shantou: Arche and LaFane

Shantou is a coastal city and special Economic Zone in Guangdong Province in China. Its total population has reached 5,391,028 in 2010 according to the 2010 census. And the administrative area is 2,064 square kilometers large. It is the 4th largest most populated area of China after Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. It remains the Eastern Guangdong’s economic centre, and is home to Shantou University, a member of the “Project 211” group.

There are lots of listed companies in Shantou, such as Guangdong Yihua Timber Industry Co., Ltd and so on. The famous retailers Arche and LaFane are all located in Shantou.

Shantou’s economy is medium in Guangdong. The primary industry is the manufacturing industry. The principal products include canning, garments, lithography, plastic and toys. Toy manufacturing is the city’s leading export industry with 400 million dollars exports each year. Auldey toy industry Co., Ltd is the largest toy manufacturing company in Guangdong Province. It bases in Shantou and it has been listed as well.


Famous People and Education in Shantou: Ma Huateng, president of Gome Huang Guangyu

The founder of Tencent QQ, Ma Huateng and the president of Gome Huang Guangyu are all from Shantou. There are four main universities in Shantou: South China University of Technology Shantou College, Shantou Polytechnic, Shantou Radio and TV University, Shantou University. They provide abundant resources to Shantou. It is also a good opportunity for the foreign companies to set up branches here because of the convenient transport and the geographic location.


City Life and Bars in Shantou

Although Shantou is not the most developed area in Guangzhou, it has some interesting places to visit. It is not short of big supermarket and shopping malls such as War-Mart, Makro, New city plaza and so on.

There is a particular restaurant for the vegetarians called Lianhua Vegetarian Restaurant in Shantou. It is actually a vegetarian chain restaurant.

There are many tourism attractions in Shantou, such as Shipaotai Park, Chen Cihong’s Former Residence, Cultural Revolution Museum and so on. They attract lots of domestic and foreign tourists.