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Focus on Cambridge in China

Focus on Cambridge in China

Located in Cambridge, England, the University of Cambridge is one of the world’s top universities. Many famous scientists, literates and statesmen come from this university. Cambridge is a member of the Russell Group of Universities and the Coimbra Group. In the rankings made by famous newspapers and research institutes, it has come to the top several times. In this focus on Cambridge University, we will go over what makes this university one of the best in England and also how it can help you grow your career in China.

What makes Cambridge University so Great?

Cambridge has a history that dates back to 1209. It has 31 schools, 3 of which are for females and 2 are professionalized graduate schools. All of its schools are economically independent from each other. Each school is like a micro university, with its own rules and regulations. Currently, Cambridge has over 6,170 teachers. It has 24,450 full time students, including 11,600 graduates. 70% of the graduates come from other universities. There are about 680 American students, and 620 Chinese students. Most Chinese students choose to participate in 1 year programs. The principal of Cambridge is  The Lord Sainsbury of Turville, who succeeded Prince Philip, the husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Cambridge has been famous for its high quality education and research. Its majors of humanities, architecture, English, chemistry, geography, law and computer science are all leading in the world.

There are many famous people who graduate from Cambridge. Francis Bacon and John Maynard Keynes have made great contributions to social sciences. John Milton and Lord Byron are both milestones in the development history of art. And, 121 Nobel Prize winners come from this school, which is the highest among all universities in the world. And 7 prime ministers graduated from Cambridge.

How can Cambridge University  help you start a career in China?

In 2008, Cambridge cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to have regular exchange programs. Before that, Cambridge had already been cooperating with Tsinghua University(清华大学) and Peking University(北京大学). Cambridge has established cooperation with Renmin University of China(中国人民大学) in year 2009. Also, in Shanghai(上海), Cambridge International Center of Shanghai Normal University(上海师范大学剑桥国际中心) has sent many groups of students abroad for higher education. Also, Cambridge has been cooperating with the University of Hong Kong(香港大学) in undergraduate education. This program is now admitting students from mainland China. Also, Nanjing University(南京大学) has cooperated with Cambridge in routine exchange programs and summer schools. They will have more cooperation in architecture, physics, chemistry and medicine.

Moreover, the cooperation between Cambridge not only rests in universities, but between Cambridge and big enterprises in China. In 2009, CMCC cooperated with Cambridge in setting up a research center in England, which will be its first R&D institute in Europe. This center will train CMCC’s employees on topics such as social responsibility and sustainable development.

In 2011, Cambridge reached an agreement with Agricultural Bank of China. From 2012 on, and for the next 3 years, they will jointly patronize 10 Chinese students to have their master’s education in Cambridge.

On top of those partnerships, Cambridge University harbors the Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management. They also provide various international business programs to give you the tools to start your career in China. At Daxue, we can help you further with our internship program that will help you develop a better understanding of the Chinese market. With us, you will work on market research reports and in-depth articles in the fields that interest you the most and learn more about China’s business environment. 

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Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consulting China