Focus on: Chicago in China

The University of Chicago is a comprehensive university founded in year 1891, by John Rockfeller. It is one of America’s best privately owned universities. Chicago has an important role in America;s history of education. And it has made great contribution to America’s scientific research. Its initial schools are: school of business, law school and Oriental […]

Focus on Johns Hopkins in China

Set up in year 1876, Johns Hopkins is a private-owned research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is famous for its achievements in medicine, public health, scientific research, international relationship and art. It is too famous, that it is often misunderstood to be a member of the Ivy League. Among the alumni of Johns Hopkins, […]

Focus on Carnegie Mellon in China

Located in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University is a private owned research university in America. Although its scale is not large, nearly all its majors are leading in the world. Its school of computer science and school of drama are all oldest in America. Now, its school of art, school of business, school of engineering and […]

Focus on Harvard in China

Harvard, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the world’s top 5 universities. Set up in year 1636, 140 years older than modern America, it now has a history of 377 years. It is the oldest university in America, and is also one of the famous Ivy League. The library of Harvard has over 15 […]

Focus on NUS in China

NUS is the abbreviation for the National University of Singapore, the first university of Republic of Singapore. Started in year 1905, the university now has 9 professional colleges, 7 graduate schools, and multiple research institutes and research & development centers. It has 50 majors, and have about 19,000 undergraduate students and 7,000 graduate students. The […]

Focus on Cornell in China

  The Ivy League in America is composed of 8 famous universities in northeast America: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University. They are all famous, and enjoy high reputation in academics. Among them, Cornell is the youngest, the only one that was set […]

Focus on Cambridge in China

Located in Cambridge, England, University of Cambridge is one of the world’s top universities. Many famous scientists, literates and statesmen come from this university. And, Cambridge is member of Russel Group of Universities and the Coimbra Group. In the rankings made by famous newspapers and research institutes, it has come to the top for several […]

Berkeley in China

Berkeley is the simplified name for University of California, Berkeley. Set up in year 1868, it is the oldest branch school among all branch schools of the University of California. Also, it is one of the starting members of the Association of American Universities. Just as Stanford and MIT, it is the leader in America’s […]