Focus on: Chicago University in China

The University of Chicago is a comprehensive university founded in year 1891, by John Rockfeller. It is one of America’s best privately owned universities. Chicago has an important role in America’s history of education. And it has made great contribution to America’s scientific research.  In this focus on the University of Chicago, we will go over what makes this university one of the best in the United States and also how can it help you grow your career in China.

What makes the University of Chicago so Great?

Its initial schools are: school of business, law school and Oriental Research Institute, etc. The University of Chicago’s majors of humanities, archaeology, earth science, economics, geography, history, linguistics, physics, statistics, sociology and theology. Its subjects of economics, finance and sociology are particularly excellent in the world.

The school library of Chicago is one of the biggest libraries in the world, and has the most collections. It is made of six sub libraries. They are D’Angelo Law Library, Eckhart Library, John Crerar Library, Joseph Regenstein Library, Social Services Administration Library and William Rainey Harper Library. It now has over 7 million books, and its collection is still growing at a speed of 150,000.  Also, it has over 30 million scripts and documents, and over 420,000 books of map and air photo. The e-lib provides students convenient ways to look for useful materials. And, the lib also provides job opportunities to students, regardless of race, skin color, gender, nationality, age and disability.

Chicago Graduate School of Business, for short GSB, is famous in the world. It enjoys high reputation in scientific research and innovation. There have been 6 Nobel Economics Prize winners who have studied or worked in GSB. The school encourages innovation. Professors have the opportunity to research into the fields they are interested in, and they sometimes bring their cutting-edge research into class. Also, since many professors are providing consulting services to big companies, they have the opportunity to test their theories in real world, which will bring huge influence to the world of business soon. As the leading business school, GSB’s big name is an invisible fortune for its students. This name means elite and success, and the experience at GSB can be a big influence for its graduates’ careers. And, GSB puts a lot of attention to the teaching of theories. The main teaching mode is the lecture mode, which is different from the case study mode of many other business schools. The lecture mode gives students a solid theoretical background, and makes the BA program really worth.

GSB was renamed University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2008 in memory of David Booth, who donated 300 million dollars to the school in 2008. Currently, it has 3,300 students, including 1,100 full time masters, 120 Ph.D.s and 1,400 part time masters, and 480 part time MBA students. It has 39,000 graduates all over the world, many of whom have become the leaders in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

Interestingly, Barack Obama had been teaching constitution in the law school of the University of Chicago. Although he did not publish any articles, he refused the tenure’s position that Chicago offered him.

How can the University of Chicago  help you start a career in China?

The University of Chicago is positively enlarging its global perspective. Its cooperators in China include Shandong University(山东大学), Tianjin University(天津大学), Nanjing University(南京大学), Tsinghua University(清华大学), University of Science and Technology of China(中国科学技术大学) , Peking University(北京大学), and Renmin University of China(中国人民大学).

On top of those partnerships, the University of Chicago is offering multiple Chinese language programs and various international business programs to give you the tools to start your career in China. At Daxue, we can help you further with our internship program that will help you develop a better understanding of the Chinese market. With us, you will work on market research reports and in-depth articles in the fields that interest you the most and learn more about China’s business environment. 

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Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consulting China