Focus on Johns Hopkins in China

Set up in year 1876, Johns Hopkins is a private-owned research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is famous for its achievements in medicine, public health, scientific research, international relationship and art. It is too famous, that it is often misunderstood to be a member of the Ivy League.

Among the alumni of Johns Hopkins, there are 37 Nobel Prize winners. In year 2007, Johns Hopkins received over 1,500 million dollars for research for NSF(National Science Foundation), NIH(National Institute of Health), NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and USDOD(United States Department of Defense) in total, which made it the university that has the most research funds for the 30th year. Up to year 2008, there are 130 academicians from US National Academy of Science, Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and School of Art and Sciences who work in Johns Hopkins. Up to year 2005, there are 8 researchers in Johns Hopkins that have received National Medal of Science Award.

Johns Hopkins is also one of the 14 starters of AAU, the league of top research universities of North America. Besides Baltimore, it has full time teaching and researching institutes in other parts of Maryland, Washington D.C., Italy Singapore and China.

In the USNews-QS world university rankings in year 2011, Johns Hopkins ranked the 16th. And in ARWU rankings made by Shanghai Jiaotong University(上海交通大学), it ranked the 17th. In the Best American University ranking by U.S. News and Workd Report in year 2012, it ranked the 13th, one of America’s best universities.

Medicine and public health are the strong fields of Johns Hopkins. Its med school enjoys the same high reputation as the med school of Harvard, and Bloomberg School of Public Health has remained top of America for many years. Of course, its other majors are also performing well. Its graduate majors of biology, biomedicine, biomedicine engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, environmental science, human development, family study, health science, humanities, physics, mathematics and sciences and international affairs are all among the top ones of US.

The students of Johns Hopkins are encouraged to do independent research. Different from other universities, it requires students to choose a thesis in their junior year, and get involved in research. Students of literature, business, science and engineering are all strongly encouraged to take part in research projects to know about the newest advancements in their fields. About 80% of its undergraduates have taken part in at least one independent research project.

To ensure its students have the opportunities to take part in research, Johns Hopkins takes two powerful measures. One is to limit the scale of class into no more than 50 peoples to give students enough chances to discuss with professors. Also, it uses its alumni resources to get its students internships, which further develop the students’ abilities.

Johns Hopkins has many famous alunmi. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Michael Bloomberg, and John B.Watson are the typical representatives. Chinese alumni include: Chen Nengkuan(陈能宽), the scientist who made great contribution to China’s development of atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite, Wang Guangya(王光亚), chief of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Cui Tiankai(崔天凯), vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Wang Wei(王微), CEO of Tudou(土豆网), etc..

Fudan University(复旦大学), Soochow University(苏州大学), and Nanjing University(南京大学) all have cooperation with Johns Hopkins. These programs give the excellent students in China to get to know the top university of the world.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultant China

Credit Photo: Baidu