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Analysis of the confectionery and jam markets in China

candy & confectionery market in ChinaOur client is a major international confectionery and jam manufacturer looking for new routes for further development into the Chinese market. They were searching for secondary and primary research on the Chinese market as well as actionable recommendations for expansion within the Chinese market.


What We Did: Observational Analysis and go-to-market

We created a two-step process for an analysis of the confectionery and jam markets in China. This process began with an Observational Analysis of the two markets followed by Recommended Routes for Development.



Some of the questions that we sought to answer during the In-Depth Interviews with Market Insiders phase of this project were:



Our Final Recommendations

We gave recommendations for how to change the package and product to better suit both Chinese adults and children. We compared the client’s packaging and product to competitors’, giving recommendations for what aspects of each competitor to adopt and which aspects to avoid. We also gave our client a full strategic plan including suggested price range, place of sale, and promotional strategy.