Context of the market research

Our client is a large promoter of wines from the ancient wine-growing regions. It wanted Daxue Consulting to assess the impact and results of its strategies and actions in Asia, and particularly in China. The Chinese wine market has exploded in past few years and is forecast to reach a volume of 2,5 million liters in 2016 (approximately 93% growth from 2011). Therefore, a thorough understanding of the Chinese wine market is fundamental for the future growth and development of our client. Daxue Consulting launch a market research about Wines in China

Steps of the market research

The goal of the market research was to collect as much quality information as possible from numerous professionals in the field of wines in China. The market research followed 4 phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary phase

In this preliminary phase, we sat the objectives for the entire study. We recruited managers for each phases, designed appropriate and relevant questionnaires for the interviews as well as grids to guide the desk research. Every information about Wines in China is in the hand of Daxue’s team.

Phase 2: Benchmark in China

The purpose of this phase was to have an overview of our client’s current competitors in China. Through extensive research in both the public and private domains we were able to gather extensive informations on 15 wine promoters as well as their promotional campaigns in China in the past few years.

Phase 3: Qualitative interviews

Our consultants interviewed 140 professionals of Wines in China located in the following major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong-Kong, Xiamen and Qingdao.

Phase 4: Analysis and synthesis

Finally, our consultants synthesized all the information gathered about Wines in China through desk research and the interviews and formulated a detailed analysis of the market, providing our client with vital information in pursuing his development in China. We went beyond our client’s expectation by supplementing overall market analysis with qualitative interviews that gives essential insights on Chinese consumers habits, tastes and their perception on our client and his competitors.

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