The ultimate guide to marketing on leading digital platforms in China | Daxue Consulting

The incredible popularity of instant messaging and online shopping in China, coupled with smartphone adoption, has greatly helped in making China become the largest social network and e-commerce market. As of 2018, it is estimated that the total social network users and digital buyers in China will reach 616.5 million and 800 million respectively. Under […]

The Red Packets advent in anticipation of the upcoming 2019 Spring Festival | Daxue Consulting

Chinese New Year gifts

“Not only Hongbao (红包, which means “red packets” are the red envelopes with money inside) should be present in the money transactions scenario, it’s also supposed to facilitate emotion expression and interesting interaction,” stated by Zhang Xiaolong, credited as “Father of WeChat”.,senior executive vice president and president of WeChat Group during the 2019 Wechat Open […]

Is pricing strategy a key to the success of your product in the Chinese market?

pricing strategy in the Chinese market

Daxue Consulting CEO, Matthieu David gives insight on the methodologies used to decide a pricing strategy in China. As an example, methodologies include a comprehensive price audit of the product categories, both through store checks and online marketplace and e-commerce scrapping. Benchmarking metrics of key market players, along with brands from different sectors but offering […]

D&G issue in China: Why the video about chopsticks suddenly went viral on Chinese social media | Daxue Consulting

Video chopsticks

The D&G issue in China and Daxue Consulting suggestions for international brands on the Chinese market Two weeks ago, several official news accounts and KOLs on different social media platforms in China, including Weibo, WeChat, Tencent Video (腾讯视频,a Chinese video streaming website with over 500 million mobile monthly active users and 63 million subscribers) and Bilibili (a […]

A Chinese life – Chinese demographics

China has the biggest population in the world. 1.4 billion people in 2014, up more than 385 million since 1980! And even if the growth is decreasing and will probably hit its peak before 2035, that’s a huge and largely untapped potential for consumer demand! Who are they though? Through this video, we propose an […]

Luxury goods market in China

luxury goods market in china

Luxury goods market in China: Optimistic Prospects? The potential of luxury goods market in China It is predicted that China will account for about 20%, and ¥180 billion luxury sales in the world in the year of 2011. Even during the global recession, sales of luxury goods in China mainland increased by 16%, reaching nearly […]

Distribution Network in Beijing

Distribution Network in Beijing

The attractiveness of the Chinese market to foreign brands is undeniable.  The continuous growth of China’s economy, along with its huge future potential and important transformations bringing more accessibility, is inspiring most of overseas companies. However, the complex arrangement of people, storage facilities and transportation systems within the world’s biggest population is a real challenge […]

Gift giving culture in Chinese business

culture in Chinese business

Gift giving culture in Chinese business When in Rome, do as the Romans do As one of the two world’s largest economies, China never loses its appeal to foreign investors to bring their business sin and take a slice of this lucrative pie. Its huge population size, sternly growing economy due to Chinese government’s investment-led […]