The Virtual reality market in China

Virtual Reality in China photo credit: Unsplash

Why VR brands should keep an eye on the Chinese market When it comes to virtual reality (VR), all eyes are on China. Indeed, its market is developing far faster than anywhere else. An infographic made by Daxue Consulting shows that within four years, the world VR market will grow by 1000 %. In 2020, […]

Coronavirus Crisis Management | Four brands that have done it right

coronavirus crisis management in China

How should brands communicate to Chinese customers during the Coronavirus outbreak? While the epidemic is expanding globally, Chinese economy is gradually emerging from its lethargy. After the country’s quarantine has just ended, Chinese consumer behavior is no longer the same as before. During the epidemic, we have seen giant brands cutting down their operation like […]

The short video market in China: Embodying the fast pace of modern lifestyle

live stream video market in China

The little puppy held by your favorite actor on your screen has already provided you a burst of happiness. Conveniently, videos automatically slide endlessly one after the other, displaying content chosen specifically for you by an algorithm. It’s so addictive that you suddenly realize an hour has already passed. The short video market in China […]

Coronavirus China Economic Impact Report by daxue consulting

COVID-19 economic impact in China

Download our Coronavirus China Economic Impact report The Coronavirus China Economic Impact report covers the spread of the outbreak in China, what industries are growing and which industries are severely impacted. We also zoom in on the economies of Wuhan and Hubei, as well as Coronavirus impacts on the global supply chain. Lastly we share […]

The sports market in China

sports market in china

Although the Chinese have their favorite traditional sports like table tennis and badminton, the sports market in China is becoming in rich with a variety of activities. [Source: La Croix, China’s team at Olympic Games in 2016] The most influential sports in China Some sports have a particularly high media profile and influence among the […]

China’s soap market is dominated by foreign brands

China's soap market

Overview of China’s soap market: which opportunities for foreign brands? In China, where the population has reached 1.4 billion in 2020, 23.68 units of soap are consumed annually per person. The market is subject to a consumption upgrade as the disposable incomes of Chinese rise and consumers look for quality. Other trends include the increasing […]

The adult toys market in China: untapped economic potential

adult toys market in China

Over the past 20 years, China has become more and more open. Sex is still a sensitive subject but consumer attitudes and the policies of the Chinese government are more flexible. The adult toys market in China is unfolding and is largely untapped.  E-commerce, brand image, strong consumer demand: the sex toys market in China is […]

The toilet paper market in China

The toilet paper market in China

Industry overview of the toilet paper market in China Revenue and market size in China’s toilet paper market has stable growth  The toilet paper market in China had experienced a stable growth in the last decade. According to Statista, from 2012 to 2019, it had a stable annual growth rate of 5.5% on average. By […]

China’s Social Credit System: What businesses should know

China's social credit system

How China started to measure trustworthiness of businesses At the beginning of the 21st century the Chinese government began to make systematic use of new mediating technologies to measure the trustworthiness and financial creditworthiness of individuals and businesses. Establishing an online financial credit system was seen as key to better integrating China into the global […]

Hello Kitty in China: Case study of an iconic character

Hello Kitty in China

Hello Kitty, a well-known Japanese character that is enormously popular in China. Today it appears on every conceivable product, ranging from pencil cases and chainsaws to passenger jets. The phenomena of Hello Kitty in China is worth studying because of its success and popularity among women and children. Hello Kitty’s history Hello Kitty is a […]